Przygotowałem sobie taki…

Przygotowałem sobie taki zestaw pytań dotyczących rekrutacji devops/sysadmin. Może komuś się przyda. #aws #kubernetes #mysql #postgresql #devops #sysadmin #linux #rekrutacja #it
1. Kubernetes
– what is kubernetes?
– what is cluster?
– what is pod?
– what is namespace?
– what is bastion?
– what is kops ?
– what kind of types of networking are available in kubernetes?
– what is federation?
– what is Kubelet?
– what is Heapster?
– what is kube proxy?
– what are ingresses?
– what are services?
– what are jobs?
– where i should store passwords to database?
2. Docker
– what is docker?
– what is alpine linux?
– what is the difference between CMD and ENTRYPOINT
– What is the difference between COPY and ADD?
– What is the difference between Container and VM?
– what is docker-compose?
– what is docker swarm?
– what is ONBUILD ?
– what is EXPOSE?
3. Terraform
– what is terraform?
– what are the alternatives for terraform?
– what is module?
– what is provisioner?
4. MySQL
– what is binlog?
– how to check current query execution list?
– how can i log long queries?
– what is the cost of the index?
– what is table partition?
– what is the difference between MyISAM and InnoDB?
4.5 MySQL Aurora
– what is the differnece between MySQL and MySQL aurora?
5. PostgreSQL
– what is wal log?
– what is the difference between physical and logical replication?
– how to check current query execution list?
– what is replication slot?
– how can i check list of replication slots?
– what is the difference between JSON and JSONB?
– what is VACUM?
– what is new in PostgreSQL 10?
– what is foreign server?
– what is dblink ?
5.5 PostgreSQL Aurora
– what is the difference between PostgreSQL and PostgreSQL aurora?
5.6 Redshift
– what is amazon redshift?
– why redshift in some cases are faster than normal sql db?
6. ElasticSearch
– what is kibana?
– what is logstash?
– what is filebeat?
– what is x-pack?
7. Linux
– what is latest version of CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu?
– what means load average ? (3 numbers)
– please write rule for IPTables to block all incoming connections except 80 and 443 port
– I have 20 servers in company. I want setup from one place users and access to that servers. How can i do that ?
8. AWS
– what is EC2?
– what is VPC ?
– what is Subnet ?
– what is NAT Gateway?
– what is security group?
– what is the difference between Application Loadbalancer and Classic loadbalancer?
– what are spot instances?
– what are reserved instances?
– what is cloud formation ?
– what is ECS?
– what is ECS task?
– what is ECS service?
– what is ECS fargate?
– what is Elastic Beanstalk?
– what is ElasticCache?
– what is Lambda Function?
– what is Route 53?
– what is IAM role?
– What is WAF?
– what is ARN?
– what is CloudWatch?
– what is DMS?
– what is SQS?
– Imaginate that, you are sys admin in Netflix. Please tell me what kind of services in AWS you would to use to create perfect infrastructure?
9. Monitoring
– what tools are you prefer and why? Do you know any differents?
10. Mix
– what is the difference between HTTP 1(.1) AND HTTP 2?
– what is the difference between TCP and UDP?
– what is happening in the background when i open „” ?
– what is CI/CD
– do you have expirence with Jenkins / Bitbucket-Pipelines / CodeBuild / Travis-ci?
– how to turn off „Powered by Apache/Nginx” on nginx/apache server?
– how to turn off „X-Powered-By: PHP” in php?

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